AC-5VS with CP-45

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FinePix J100/ FinePix J110w/ FinePix J120/ FinePix J150w/ FinePix J20/ FinePix J250/ FinePix JZ300/ FinePix JZ305/ FinePix JZ500/ FinePix JZ505/ FinePix Z100fd/ FinePix Z10fd/ FinePix Z20fd/ FinePix Z70/ FinePix Z700EXR/ FinePix Z707EXR/ FinePix Z71/ FinePix Z800EXR/ FinePix Z808EXR/ FinePix Z900EXR/ FinePix Z909EXR/ FinePix Z950EXR/ and more models.

Genuine Fujifilm Product.