FUJIFILM offers answers to frequently asked questions about the Parts & Accessory Store. If you do not see an answer to a question listed, please feel free to send us an Email on our Contact Us page.

Some items on this site are Refurbished, Recertified, or Open Box. They may have some cosmetic blemishes.

Q: How soon after I place my order will it be processed?

A: Your order will be processed within 24 hours after it was submitted. You will receive an email with a payment link once the order is processed.

Q: How soon after my order is paid will it ship?

A: We will use reasonable efforts to try to ship out same day all orders that are paid for before 3pm Eastern Standard Time. Depending on time or year or manpower, we do ask that you give yourself an extra day when making a rush order. If you need the item right away, please note it in the Comments section when placing order.

Q: Do you ship outside the USA?

A: We will ship outside the USA, but shipping charges will be added to the current listed rates.

Q: How come orders over $20 can not be shipped Post Office?

A: Because we can not obtain a signature when shipping Post Office, we have to limit the order total to $20.

Q: What is Open Box?

A: Open Box means that the original packing of the item was damaged. We test and clean all open box items before they are re-packed and sold.

Q: Is there a warranty for Open Box items?

A: Yes, depending on the item, it will come with either a 1yr or 6 Month warranty.

Q: What does Recertified mean?

A: Recertified means an item was returned, not repaired but inspected and passed to original factory specifications.

Q: Is there a warranty for Recertified items?

A: Yes, depending on the item, it will come with either a 6 Month or 90 Day warranty.

Q: What does Refurbished mean?

A: Refurbished means an item was repaired to factory specification.

Q: Is there a warranty for Refurbished items?

A: Yes, depending on the item, it will come with either a 6 Month or 90 Day warranty.

Q: Are branded items Open Box?

A: No, all branded items are new

Q: What payments do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, Master Card, and American Express

Q: What shipper do you use?

A: All items are shipped FedEx or USPS for PO Box orders .

Extended Warranty:

Q: Can I purchase an extended warranty for my S series camera?

A: Extended warranties can only be purchased for our X Series & GFX Product Line only.

Q: Can I return an Extended Warranty after I purchase it?

A: Extended warranties can not be returned once they are shipped.

Q: When does my extended warranty start?

A: The standard extended warranty starts the day after your Fujifilm 1yr warranty ends. The diamond extended warranty starts the day it is purchased.

Q: Does my extended warranty cover if I drop my camera?

A: Unless you purchase the Diamond Warranty, your extended warranty only extends our Fujifilm 1 year warranty for another 3 years.